Life as I know it.

Like most people, my life has slowed down considerably.

Within the last month, the things that kept me busy all of a sudden weren’t here anymore.

My gym shut down, my place of business closed which lessened my workload substantially.

The life I had envisioned suddenly changed.

Slowing down felt nice for a bit, but like a lot of people I started to crave a sense of balance.

For me there’s power in routine e.g., Eating healthy, being active, and having a daily meditation practice.

If I’m not consistent in these areas, I feel off.

For the past few weeks I have felt heavy and unbalanced, I felt like there was nowhere to run, and to be honest I don’t want to anymore.

I’m sick of being held back by this inner dialogue that says I’m not smart enough, or attractive enough, young enough or whatever other bullshit the ego comes up with

I had the most beautiful distance Reiki session today with the very talented and wise @melemlyn

She reminded me of my inner strength, courage and resourcefulness.

I’ve gained much clarity and insight through the practice of going inward and being attuned to this powerful energy of Reiki.

It doesn’t surprise me that today’s session helped me to feel aligned, grounded and clear.

If I want to change and evolve it’s important to be honest about how I’m showing up for myself.

Right now more than ever i’m paying attention to my body and any emotions that move through it.



You have awakened


Intuition cannot be denied

Trust in

Your purpose


Inner and outer

Let go

The time is now


Rise above

That old story

Stay open

Allow yourself to flow with


To grow




Step by step

Day by day

You rise

Consciously aware



This state of


Might You

Allow others to shine

In their own


Way 💚






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I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

I work at Lunaholistic here in Calgary.

If you’re interested to know more about Reiki, message me, or book me online at

Right Here








You could ever

Conceive of






You are passionate



Close down

Your weakness

Is your



Stay open

This is where


Magic lives

My name’s Melissa Adams💚

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary!

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

Read my full bio or book a session with me @ LunaHolistic

My Purpose My practice

I spent this past weekend in Vancouver for a retreat hosted by Lululemon called “Purpose and Practice”.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it.

My intention was to be open no matter what.

I knew this weekend would be powerful but I didn’t expect it to be completely life changing

Im writing about my experience while it’s still fresh because I’m riding this new state of expansion and I want to share my insights.

Without going into all the details of the weekend, I wanted to talk about the inward journey I experienced.

I haven’t opened up to many people about this, but I have been struggling with my body image my whole adult life.

I’ve been so hard on myself especially when I’ve gained a few pounds or I’ve seen an unflattering picture.

I could receive all the compliments in the world but my inner dialogue would still sound something like this

“I hate my arms/ass/legs they’re huge.”

“I’m at the gym every day, how do I still have cellulite”

“I’m going to get fat”.

“I am fat.”

These are just a few examples.

These kinds of thoughts and emotions would become louder when I was dating or if I felt hurt by another persons actions.

About a year ago it became too much.

I held these feelings inside for too long and they were deeply affecting every aspect of my life.

I was cancelling dinner dates and staying home because I didn’t want to overeat.

Counting carbs and calories, and depriving myself of certain foods, then overindulging and beating myself up for it.

I was attaching my self worth to the way I felt about my body.

Something needed to change.

I only shared this with a select few people in my life because I felt like a failure.

Opening up was like shining a light on this dark thing, and I’m thankful I asked for help.

I started to gain insight around my triggers.

Sometimes they look like me scrolling through my phone while having dinner or eating so quickly that I don’t even really taste it

My healing process around food started long before this past weekend, but the retreat was the perfect place to explore my default habits that I go to when I’m feeling sad vulnerable, lonely or angry.

The 1st morning I ate breakfast in silence without my phone nearby and nothing to keep me occupied.

It was just me, my mindful attention and a plate of food.

I actually really enjoyed that meal.

It felt good to eat slowly.

My body felt nourished and I didn’t need to go for seconds because I was satisfied.

The mantra that I’m keeping top of mind is “Release self doubt, invite self love.

The past doesn’t define me, in fact I’m thankful for the lessons because they brought me clarity on the mental dysfunctions that have been holding me back and keeping me small.

I can see it with compassion and wisdom, and maybe I can help another who is going through something similar.

This retreat connected me with so many other brave humans that were also willing to change and they made it feel safe to be myself.

Another limiting belief I’ve held is if I actually allowed someone to see the amount of emotion I have, sadness, passion and anger they’d leave.

This weekend showed me, that when I’m 100% authentically myself with someone it gives them permission to show up in the same way if they choose it.

And what a gift that is.

I was chosen to stand on a stage in front of 200 people to speak about my Dharma and how I want to show up in every moment.

With my heart racing, drenched in sweat

I stood up there and spoke to all those people.

I can’t even fully remember what I said

It was terrifying


And it felt wonderful

I’ve never felt so empowered

This weekend brought me back to what is important.

What Lululemon and their amazing Facilitators did was create an elevated space where each person had the opportunity be liberated if they chose it.

I got back to the basics

I was able to slow down in Meditation

I gained clarity in that stillness

Each day was a gift and I was thankful for the beautiful practice of yoga and the strong mindful movements I took.

It was an opportunity to take time for myself.

To write from my heart.

To release the thoughts and beliefs that haven’t been serving me and to celebrate my contributions to humanity.

I’m clear on who I am and how I want to show up in each moment.

I am awake.

I am open.

And I’m willing to change.

I am lit up by my life’s purpose as a healer and writer and what ever else is in the pipeline for me.

I choose to treat myself and others with respect and compassion.

Turned on

To this moment

A soft sensuality

Within me

To this song on repeat

Air filling my lungs

To my best friends laughter

The intimacy of my space

To a clear intention

To many of them

These healing hands

To the understanding of pain

And its sweet release

To the kindness in a stranger

To a Real



To eyes wide open

This Innate intelligence

I’m so aware of

This powerful presence

I’m turned on

To the universe

And all it’s unknowns

To my path

And all it’s signs

To my life’s purpose 💚

My names Melissa

I’m a Reiki practitioner based out of Calgary.

To learn more or to book a session with me please visit or use the Mindbody app ♥️

Finding myself/Bumbling along

A few years back, I made the

life altering decision to leave my marriage.

By far the hardest choice I’ve made so far.

It was a huge change.

Hearts were broken, my own included.

The next year and a half was spent in a city where no one really knew me, I had one good friend here.

There were many moments where I felt a deep sense of loneliness.

I actually felt invisible.

I didn’t realize it at the time but it was exactly what I needed.

It was a time to really get to know myself.

I became very comfortable being alone.

Taking myself on dates.

To the movies, out to dinner.

I basically romanced the fuck out of myself.

It was a time to figure out what I actually liked.

In this time I realized how much I enjoyed travelling alone.

One of my favourite trips was driving along the Coast to California.

I had no plans, and no timeline for my return.

No one to answer to.

I listened to audio books

Sang my heart out

I cried hard.

I remember pulling over to the side of the road, in complete awe of the beauty surrounding me.

I slept in my car; woke up beside the Ocean.

The sound of Waves crashing and the sheer power emanating from that body of water was incredible to me.

I’m thankful for that time spent alone.

It was exactly what I needed.

After being single for almost 3 years, I decided to start dating again this spring.

The past eight months have been interesting to say the least.

When I started out, I wanted to treat it as an experiment, to see what I actually desired in a partner and to have some fun with it.

I went on some awkward dates, Some of them I think back to and just cringe.

I also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met.

He changed my entire view on life and on love.

He lives overseas but was here visiting his best friend for two weeks.

I knew my time with him was limited but it didn’t stop me from experiencing him with an open mind, heart, and body.

I will cherish every single moment that I was able to spend with him, and I would do it a thousand times over.

For now I’ll love and respect him from afar.

In the dating game people get hurt.

I know how it feels to be on both sides of an unrequited love story.

I want to be open and kind no matter what the situation, even if I’m feeling hurt.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that everybody’s just doing the best they can with the amount of presence and awareness within them.

I’m thankful for every experience I’ve had, even the ones that haven’t been so pretty because they’ve illuminated the insecurities I’ve been carrying.

I’ve also realized how great my capacity to love is.

I’m human; I make mistakes, My intention is to stay open and truly embody my values- not just talk about them.

To enjoy the beauty of life’s ups and downs and everything in between. 💚

May you have a mate who reverberates with your rhythm.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PH.D.

Why write

I write because I have a story to tell.

A write because it’s scary and vulnerable but very healing for me.

I write because words are powerful, And when I’m open to expressing them with raw and honest emotion and clear intentention, it can be a game changer.

I write because I want to change and grow, I want to understand why I am the way that I am and it feels really good to be honest.

I want to talk about the shit that no one else has the courage to say out loud.

I don’t want to feel alone anymore and I want to help others.

I want to feel real connection, and I want to have conversations that feel expansive. I want to talk about what’s going good in my life and in other peoples lives. I want to hold space for the things that don’t feel good.

I want to change the neural pathways in my brain that tell me that I’m not good enough, and never going to amount to anything.

Why can’t I?

Why is it so scary to try something new?

I’m most likely not going to die if I fail.

When I decided to drive out west three years ago, there was literally a handful of people that supported my decision.

Most people thought I was crazy actually.

I didn’t even know why I needed to come out here.

There was this invisible pull, And I had gone through so much pain that the only thing I could do was follow my intuition.

And I did, and it was lonely and it was heartbreaking and it was fucking beautiful.

I failed big time.

I felt sorry for myself.

I second-guessed myself and they failed some more.

Some days I didn’t even get out of bed.

One thing that I was always doing though was writing, and even in the darkest times, I was moving forward even if it was the smallest steps.

Learning Reiki was huge for me. And meeting my teacher and now dear friend Geneva Robins was a life changer.

I started to pick myself back up.

I started to believe that I could actually succeed on my own.

I remember Geneva telling me, ” If you want to be a writer just write. Share what you have inside,

people need to hear it.”

Sharing my thoughts on my blog have helped me to shine light on things that I’ve held inside for years.

I write because sometimes I surprise the hell out of myself.

I want to keep doing that.

My name’s Melissa

I’m a Reiki practitioner based out of Calgary.

To learn more or to book a session with me please visit or use the Mindbody app ♥️


The pendulum swings side to side back and forth

Connected with breath and your mind and the earth

It moves when intention and thoughts are in sync

When the should be’s and could haves and why nots aren’t linked

The truth is it’s fruit if you’re listening clear

The Key is to open, surrender, with care

Connected to source, may your dreams come to be

From a place in your heart may you live and love thee

My names Melissa

I’m a Reiki practitioner based our of Calgary.

To learn more or to book a session with me please visit or use the Mindbody app ♥️


Take off your mask it’s perfectly clear that it’s painted with sadness it’s hopeless it’s fear

Look at your face and gaze deep in your eyes

The light within you only wants you to shine

It wants you to know that you are essential



Raw pure potential

Your story can be one that shatters illusion

Acknowledging sadness

And anger


Create a new story

And let it ring true

That the love within me is the essence of you

So lift off the veil that conditions most minds

And help heal the collective one step at a time

My name’s Melissa Adams

I’m a Reiki Practitioner based out of Calgary.

I feel my life purpose is to heal within myself and empower others to do the same.

To learn more or book an appointment with me visit LunaHolistic

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“It’s just Tea” She said gently, but her eyes sparkled with a wisdom far greater than the words she spoke.

She had invited me to her space for a silent tea ceremony.

A meditation.

I woke up that morning feeling off.

Overwhelmed by thoughts of uncertainty

I needed space to breathe.

To come back to myself.

She welcomed me with kindness and patience.

Intentional with her movements,

she showed me to my seat and began making me tea.

I settled in and sipped on my first cup

And then my second.

Between us, a silent Connection.


With the minds busy chatter starting to slow, I felt a sense of clarity.

Onto Cup number three

I felt open to the beauty of the moment.

The universe speaking to me.

Cup four and five,

Awakened to the magical world of nature.

Surrounded by curious little creatures and bathed in morning sun.

I was brought to tears.

In awe of it all.

I was reminded of who I was.

Who I AM..




and simply me.

Thank you to my new and very dear friend Cat Reynolds for creating and sharing such an amazing experience with me. ♥️

IG @2ndhand