What if

What if there’s more than meets the eye? What if you could expand your vision and think outside of the box?

Be open to change your views, And question the beliefs that you hold on so tightly to.

To stop and pay attention to the signs all around you. 

What would happen if you could see yourself in every single other being? 

What would that look like?

What if you trusted your instincts, your inner knowing?

 That guidance within you, that truth in your gut.

What if you stopped worrying about what others might say and actually spoke about what you hold important?

What if you could speak about your fears so light could shine on them?

What if you could stay present while those fears are processed into clarity?

What if you could be honest about your feelings, and tell someone how you actually feel about them?

What if they didn’t feel the same way? What if you could stay open and understanding anyway?

What if the parts of you that feel sad and broken reveal within you an essence of grace and beauty?

What if you could just let go?

Let go of the fears that are blocking you from creating the most amazing life.

What if the release of those fears allowed you to take small steps?

Steps towards your goals and visions.

What if you could open up to the channel within you and allow your dreams to come into fruition?

What if you could align yourself with the energy of the universe?

Try visualizing this:

There’s an opening at the top of your crown, it connects you to your sense of spirituality.

Invision a violet light pooling at the top of your head, And let it pour in.

As you watch it flow down, it activates your third eye, the centre of intuition and imagination.

This allows you to focus and connect to your trust and inner knowing, 

May you see with clear vision and gain insight into your intuitive thought processes.

Let that light pass down through your neck and throat, so that you may express yourself and communicate with honesty and clarity.

 That light still pours down into your chest where those words are lit up by the compassion in your heart.

What if that light in your heart could help you release the grief that you hold and allow you to feel more playful and affectionate?

Let that light ignite the fire in your stomach so you may tap into your confidence and freedom of choice.

Down still within the area of your pelvis, acknowledge the gift of life and your ability to create.

Let that energy flow down your legs and straight into the ground.

Know you are steady, safe and looked after.

knowing your place,  standing in your power and remembering why you came here.

My name’s Melissa Adams💚

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary!

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.
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The absolute beauty of this moment.

Miracles in manifest. 

 A quiet coffee shop, softly lit.

Moody in the best way.

Fully sensing these melodic sounds.

A flow of sweet conversation mixed with jazzy instruments and sexy lyrics.

Hot tea warms me.

Outside my city comes alive with the rising sun.

Bright young students rush to class.

Busy commuters start to swirl.

Suits on their way to work. 

And I’m here in this coffee shop.

Still, yet Surrounded by movement. 

What do I see out there?

A sad woman lost in thought.

The hungry gaze of a man passing by.

Birds soaring.




How lovely it is to feel this mornings light on my skin. 

My reflection in the window.

 Green eyes staring back at me. 




What does the universe have in store for me today?

How will I move?

What may I receive?

Flowing from a place of love and creating with intention.

I’ll start in appreciation for this beautiful life, and the absolute perfection of this very moment.

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic. 

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

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I am love

You know me well

 If you look closely you may see me in the still of the morning, seeping through your window sill

I shine within the gaze of your mothers eyes

I’m laced within the tears you shed

The softness of a kiss

I am simple and quiet in your trust and knowing

But You must respect that I’m fluid and free, If you grasp at me I will elude you

A spark of inspiration

I’m the courage behind fear

A soft voice moving you forward

I’m always flowing and always available if you’re open to receive me

I delight in your pleasure

Orgasmic and fleeting 
I’m the shivers running up your spine, the goosebumps on your neck. 

Within the Still quiet moments of meditation you allow me

Connected within your being, you powerfully emanate me allowing for others to do the same.

Light and easy

I flow in your wisdom and certainty
I am love 
You are me

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic. 

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey. 

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For years your memory haunted me.

When you died, I didn’t know how to process the grief. 

I held on to words unspoken and regret for not spending more time with you.

I had drifted from you during my adolescence.

 Becoming more autonomous I wanted to spend my time with friends. 

I knew you missed me, I knew you were lonely.

And then you were gone.

 I couldn’t take those things back. 

I wished I had told you how much I loved and appreciated you. How glad I was that you were there to raise me.

I fondly remember all the swearwords and odd sayings you taught me.

Like the time My teacher called home because I told a girl in kindergarten to go fluff her duff.

And The nicknames you made up for me, like Lady Godiva (a woman who rode naked on horseback) and “patoot” (a horses ass)

I remember your clear glassy blue eyes. Your strong hands and how cold they were.

The audible sound of your breath from all those years of smoking. 

Your soft white curly hair.

I remember your big glasses and the small square heating pad you kept at your feet. The lamp on your bedpost for reading.

I remember snuggling in beside you because I didn’t want to sleep alone.

I remember the digestive cookies that you kept by your bedside Because you’re sleeping pills gave you the munchies.

I remember the grief I felt with the loss of you.

You were my partner in crime.

The keeper of all my secrets.

Even the really embarrassing Ones.

You always stuck up for me.

You were my biggest fan. 

Part of your magic Stayed with me..

So now you’re my angel.

In silence I imagine your presence.

I hear your sounds, The ones only you make.

 I cry with you in sorrow and I’m uplifted in your joy.

I love within your love.

It’s taken me many years to realize your death was not a goodbye.

I’ll see you soon 💚



Quiet and soft.

The symbols are here.

Stillness within.

I am Focused and Clear.

The keeper of secrets.

The safety you seek.

Acknowledge your worries.

Release them through me.

Pains purpose was served, a new state has arisen.

Cells shining and vibrant, new eyes you’ve been given.

Realize that attatched to that pain was a story, your presence and life-force transmuted in glory.

I see you so clearly, empowered and free.

The light within you is the light within me. 💚
My name’s Melissa Adams

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic. 

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

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Divinely feminine

Since I was young, I have felt this sense of beauty and sensuality within me.

I believe Every woman possesses it, and when I was young I didn’t hold onto any contradicting thoughts or beliefs about my innate divinity.

As I grew from a little girl into a woman I picked up along the way some thoughts and beliefs about my own sexuality and the feelings of shame that surrounded them.

 I spent a lot of time being really hard on myself.

Within the last couple of years I’ve been blessed to have met some really cool people. 

Men and women leading by example and enriching the lives of others.

Just being in the presence of someone who’s deeply connected within their being is uplifting and empowering.

I’ve learned so much, and developed some positive tools and habits which I use daily.

If I could go back and speak to myself as a young girl I would say this:

You are intelligent, beautiful, and so intuitive.

It is your divine right to be so.

You don’t have to be ashamed of your body or your sexuality.

Please never look for validation from another person.

Nobody knows you better than YOU.

 Your power comes from within. 

Have faith and confidence in yourself and your ability to create.

Listen with your heart instead of your head, What I mean by this is to come from a place of openness and curiosity when listening to another.

This allows another to express themselves clearly, and it’s so nice to be heard.

The senses that you feel within your body: Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell are all there for you to FEEL.

They connect you to your intuition allowing you to navigate through life with more clarity and ease.

Meditation is a beautiful thing, Sitting in stillness allows you to slow down and softly awaken to your body, To listen in silence and experience whatever arises.

It will serve you well.
When you’re tapped in, you’re more able to guide yourself and others.

Nourish yourself and slow down to enjoy your food.

Touch your body, be playful and explorative.

You don’t have to feel shame around pleasure.

Stand in your power.

Instead of saying to yourself “I’m not good enough.”

 Maybe you could say 

“I am more than enough.”

“I am thoughtful and kind.”

“I am beautiful inside and out.”

I know it may feel weird and a little uncomfortable, but look into a mirror.

Look straight into your own eyes and say those things that you wish others might say to you.

Watch how the kindness that you give to yourself changes your life.

You you are absolutely perfect.

You are divine. 

Right now in this very moment you are enough. ❤️

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary.

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

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Sometimes I’m scared.

Overcome by worry.

It can take over and before I know it, I’ve creating an inner dialogue that goes something like this:

Who am I to think I can be a successful writer and healer when I’m still in the process of healing myself?

Is what I have to say really even important? 

Will someone ever genuinely love me exactly as I am?

Is there someone who actually fits into my life? 

These thoughts are all rooted in fear. 

I would never dream of saying these things to another person, Yet they’re the ones that Creep in when I’m feeling vulnerable and alone.

I was receiving Reiki from my good friend Kyla, and she pointed out to me that lonliness is natural. 

It comes and goes.

It’s the stories that I attached to it that cause me to feel uneasy.
maybe I could just be lonely once in a while.

If I’m paying attention, I can observe how different emotions affect my body.

When dealing with a negative emotion,the energy within me feels stuck and not able to flow easily.
 Sometimes sadness sits in my throat. Worry in my stomach or back.

Stress tenses my shoulders. 

All indications that I’m holding onto a thought or an idea that isn’t serving me.

In these moments I have choices.

I can get completely taken away by the story I’ve created or I can simply observe the emotion and wonder why am holding onto it?
The feeling is there because I’m meant to learn something from it.

Maybe I can honour the emotion and release it through my tears.

 I can call a good friend or my mom.

Someone who I trust to listen and hold space for me.

 I can also shift the emotion quickly and consciously within a Reiki session, as I spoke about earlier.

What I’m longing for is genuine connection, to be seen and understood.
To feel a sense of ease. 
To feel confident in my decisions and to feel inspired when taking action. 
To be OK with not having all the answers and softening into discomfort.
In these moments of fear, maybe I could show up for myself. 
I could use the tools I’ve cultivated over the years to calm my nervous system.
Coming back to my senses, yoga, meditation and self healing to name a few.

It’s helped me to feel a little more grounded and centered.
The chatter in my mind slows, and within that stillness I feel receptive and more able to focus on Positive intentions that Inspire change.
I felt vulnerable admitting to the things that were dark and embarrassing. 
But once I said them out loud, they were brought into The light of consciousness.

Fear and shame was transmuted into compassion and clarity.

I acknowledge the fear and I’m going to do the thing anyway because creating and moving forward is far less scary for me than being stuck in place.

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary.
I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.
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She’s not interested in Meaningless conversations and unspoken words.

Her soul is not stirred by lustful gazes and wandering eyes.

She’s awake.

Aware of her beauty, but not just the physical.

The beauty I’m referring to is not so easy to see.

It’s her inner essence.

A clear conscious radiance which shines outward.

Shes aware of a stillness within while navigating through life’s rhythms.

She will listen to your worries with compassion, but she won’t meet you down there. 

She will hold space for you to release those worries.

She will uplift you in her presence.

It’s her mission.

Her gift to herself and humanity.

 A new way of being.

She’s thankful for her past but she doesn’t have to live in it. 

she can revisit it to reflect on if needed, but it’s not hers to carry.

She is here.

In this beautiful moment.

This wonderful life.


My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary.

I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.
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I held my gaze upon a calm beautiful river,  holding three seeds in my hand.

The first seed represented freedom
 The second was filled with love and the third seed was one of peace.

I placed each seed on a tiny green leaf and watched them float toward the setting sun.

I then placed my attention on the path in front of me.
 During that time through the awareness of my body and my clear intention, I learned to cultivate the feelings of levity, love and freedom.
The light of my heart shone out illuminating the entire planet.

As I wandered back to the rivers edge I noticed a piece of land with a beautiful tree growing from the center.
 The massive trunk holding many thick branches that spanned outward.

The bark was thick and the limbs lush with green moss.
On this tree I noticed three pieces of fruit. The first was a juicy peach. 
Within that peach held the seed of freedom.

 I bit into it and let its sweet juice nourish my body. 
 Next I plucked down a tart green apple, held within it were seeds of divine love.        I ate every last bite. 

Down by the trunk of that beautiful old tree grew a ripe red strawberry.
 All throughout were tiny seeds of peace.
My body gratefully digesting all three pieces of fruit.
 My solar plexus was lit with the fire and warmth needed to integrate my new state of being.
 I sat in gratitude for the freedom which is my choice in every moment.
 A clear channel of love flowing through my body and softly down my face. 

 So fully aware of the peace within me, the essence of who I am.
~visualized during a guided Nidra class led by Matthew Kelemen

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary.
I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.
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It’s a warm Saturday evening. The city is buzzing with life.Loud engines roaring and the animated sounds of laughter and story telling fill the air. 

In the background the birds are softly singing, delightfully observing from above.

She is feeling restless.
Her mind chattering from a busy day. 
She knows what her soul needs. It yearns for her to come home, that quiet place within.

The place her spirit dwells.

So she begins her journey, yoga mat in hand and feeling thankful for this time of solace.

She journeys through the city observing the people. 
Sometimes meeting their eyes.

Sometimes not.

She feels vulnerable, cautious of her surroundings and who she shares her energy with.
Saturday night in the city brings out many interesting emotions within her.
A 10 minute walk brings her to her favourite yoga studio. 
Her senses are delighted by the familiar smell, and the feeling of lightness within the space.
The girl at the front desk is lovely and warm. 
She welcomes her in with a kind smile.
As she rounds the corner she sees it. 
The great room. 
High ceilings and hardwood floors the walls are bright and simply decorated. Beautiful.
She’s early and the room is empty.
Her favourite spot is bathed in golden sunlight, she places her mat down and takes a deep breath in…Then out.
She’s arrived. 
Here in this very moment, Heart wide-open.

She’s home.

My name’s Melissa Adams.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic here in Calgary.
I’m dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.
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